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"Your sacred space is where you can find yourself over and over again."

Hello & Welcome Beautiful Soul,

My name is Shilpa. Born in India and settled in San Francisco Bay Area, California. My self healing and personal growth journey started in 2016 after I experienced series of dark night of the soul and ego death. My immense desire to know why that was happening, to heal myself at mind-body-soul level & to get answers to some of life's burning questions led me on a spiritual path of deep self inquiry.​

There were several enlightened masters, years of time spent in satsangs with the masters, thousands of hours spent spent on mat and in meditations, self inquiry, fasting, clean eating, experimenting with various modalities from eft, nlp, healing circles, ice baths, sounds baths, plant medicines, reiki, access bars, meeting some really powerful fellow light workers while solo travelling the world, attending life changing - mind bending retreats, courses, workshops, along with  implementation and embodiment of these learnings in my own life,  and living deeply in sync with the Nature, my bodies cycles, and eating soulful food intuitively has shaped my journey and helped me find inner truth and form deeper connection with THE SELF.

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"Shilpa has helped me to focus and prioritise both personal life & career. I have been better able to look at problems in different ways, thus finding very meaningful solutions & making previously  overwhelming situations more manageable. I am clear on my goals and means to get there today because of the coaching I received from shilpa"

Jen Chatwin

"I loved my EVERY session with Shilpa. She puts great positive energy - I felt safe, relaxed, & stronger at the same time. The practices she teaches are very effective and the meditation techniques helped me to be in tune with my mind and body. She puts her soul in her work. Very Knowledgable, warm hearted, friendly. I really feel lucky to fin Shilpa as my Mentor. It was truly a transformation program for me."

"Your coaching has been a turning point of my life. I'm really grateful to you. I have immense clarity, direction and energy and ease to achieve my goals. I'm really grateful to you. you are an incredible coach, mentor and human being. the help, guidance, insight, time and energy you spent on your clients success is incredible"

Reez Roycas

Savita Suryavamshi

Honestly, I had the best experience full of abundance (work-wise & personal) with shilpa's coaching. I always look forward to our next session. Thank you for such wonderful service. You are incredible. 

Jessika Burns

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One on One Life Coaching

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Yoga Child's Pose

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