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There is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living

I'm here to empower and guide you back home to yourself,

connect to your sacred body, find inner beauty, peace and self love

Let's get to the basics

We humans are here on Earth for a limited Period of time. Although it might feel we have a lot of time in hand and as harsh as it might sound - the moment were are born, we also are moving towards our death. Now isn't it our responsibility to make our time here on Earth worthwhile? Isn't it our sole responsibilty to find out who we really here, why we are here? what's our true nature? How can we make the most of our time here?

Our true nature is Peace, Love , Harmony. Nature is a full proof of how everything is working in harmony, the sun, the moon, the ocean, forests, animals, the whole ecosystem underneath, on and above the ground. But Why is it that we humans are the one who have all these problems, sufferings, desire, goals? It is Beautiful on one side to be able to feel all the feelings, experience all the flavours of life, relationships, life experiences but on other side there is also suffering, fear, grief, worry, anxiety, overwhelm, overthinking and millions of distractions to manipulate you, to not let you connect with who you truly are, what really is your souls desire, and purpose here. In this whole process, humans are just running a rat race, chasing different things that they think will give them what they are looking for, trying to fix the inner brokenness, & disconnection with outside distractions. 

I want you to slow down for a minute, close your eyes, focus on your breath and ask yourself - what do I truly want?

Having said all that, when you build an unshakable inner self and strong inner foundation, tap in the field beyond mind, drop in your body, breath, the present moment...the things you desire start coming to you rather than you chasing them. You know when it feels aligned, how expansive you feel in your body vs when you're not listening to your intuition or inner voice and do something against it how icky and contractive you feel? The most amazing part is the way nature has made is that we have a built in alignment system that's communicating with us all the time - but are you really listening? If not that's totally okay, we all got to start somewhere and it's never late. Important thing is we don't drag this inner misalignment, ignore our inner voice and the calling and take small steps to connect back to your truest self. 

I Invite you on this beautiful journey of wellbeing, self discovery, awareness, joy and love. Come back home to yourself... utilise this valuable life for something that makes your heart sing, brings you joy and fulfils you deeply.

"Your sacred space is where you can find yourself over and over again."

Group Energy Healing Session
We-Work Employee Wellness Workshop
Public Speaker for Wellness Fest
Public Speaker for an Wellness Event
Meditating in Serene Redwoods
Yoga on the beach
Yoga in Lake Tahoe
Yoga on the beach

My Story, Background, Qualifications, Experience

My self healing and personal growth journey started in 2016 after I experienced a dark night of the soul, and an emotional breakdown. My immense desire to, heal myself at mind-body-soul level & to get answers to some of life's burning questions led me on a spiritual path of deep self inquiry.

There were enlightened masters, years of time spent in satsangs (sitting with truth) with the masters, thousands of hours spent in meditations, self inquiry, daily yoga practice, fasting, clean eating, experimenting with various modalities from eft, nlp, healing circles, ice baths, sounds baths, plant medicines, reiki, access bars, meeting some really powerful fellow light workers while solo travelling the world, attending some really life changing - mind bending retreats, courses, workshops, along with self study, research, and implementation and embodiment of these learnings in my own life,  and living deeply in sync with the Nature, my bodies cycles, and eating soulful food intuitively has shaped my journey and helped me find inner truth and form deeper connection with THE SELF.

In 2016, I started following my hearts desire to help others. I din't realise I was making a massive difference in their lives at a deeper level until they started writing me back their experiences after our sessions. I was amazed and this motivate me to continue on the path. 

Fast forward to 2023, after coaching, healing, conducting workshops & courses for hundreds of people globally online and offline, my passion to guide others ascend, awaken and unlock their infinite potential & to live a fulfilled life of joy, peace and love, continues. 



  • MBA - Human Resource, 2011 - 2013, Pune University, India

  • BBA - International Business, 2008 - 2011, Pune University, India


Work Experience, Trainings, Certifications:


  • An innovative and dedicated wellbeing specialist with total 12 years of experience and 8 years of relevant professional experience in the wellbeing industry.

  • Created hundreds of live and recorded audio and video content in mindfulness, yoga, meditationand collaborated with the internal team to create a monthly content strategy for a wellness company.

  • Closely worked with UI/UX teams, software engineers, management team in converting wellbeing principles and concepts into product features.

  • Designed and conducted wellness programs, workshops and masterclasses.

  • Collaborated with diverse cross functional teams as well as wellbeing industry experts.


Core Skills:

  ●  Wellbeing consultation for corporate companies.

  ●  Wellness content creation and strategy designing.

  ●  Translating wellbeing research data, analysis, insights into practical product features.

  ●  Wellbeing program designing and delivering.

  ●  Cross functional team collaboration to promote employee wellbeing engagement.

  ●  Proficient in communicating with technical and non-technical audiences.

  ●  Experienced in managing professional relationships with a diverse internal and external group



  ●  200 Hours yoga alliance registered school certified yoga instructor.

  ●  Certified neuro - linguistic programming practitioner.

  ●  Undertook 50+ courses, and masterclasses on wellness related topics  that included, emotional    intelligence, meditation, self discovery, holistic health, mindfulness& related topics.

  ●  2000 hours + spent in personal growth and self discovery self study.


Professional Work Experience:

Wellness Coach | 2016 - Current | Self Employed

  ●  Collaborated with international corporate companies to integrate wellbeing practices into daily routines         through wellness sessions and workshops.

  ●  Designed and conducted private and group self growth and holistic wellness sessions and workshops             for diverse audiences, from novice to adept.  

  ●  Coached numerous clients around wellbeing topics that included work life balance, sustaining

      motivation and change, stress management, emotional intelligence.

  ●  Personally practicing mindfulness, meditation & yoga for over 10 years.

  • Maintained ongoing education in holistic health, integrating the latest research and techniques into wellbeing coaching practice.


Yoga Instructor | 2023 - Current | Plus One - Optum Management Workplace Wellbeing, Santa Clara

  ● Designing yoga sequences and conducting power yoga group sessions for corporate employees

     from varied backgrounds.

Wellbeing Product Manager | Fittr, India | 2019 - 2021

 ● Led the development of a wellbeing app focusing on mindfulness, working closely with UI/UX experts,    software engineers, and management teams.   

 ● Translated wellbeing research into actionable product features for a user base of 700,000.

 ● Presented complex wellbeing strategies to senior executives and technical teams.

 ● Created and executed a social media content strategy to instill wellbeing into Fittr’s Services,

 ● Facilitated live online self growth and meditation sessions, workshops, and masterclasses

    engaging a diverse audience.

 ● Led the planning and execution of wellbeing programs and initiatives, coordinating with CEO,

    senior executives, cross-functional teams to ensure alignment with business objectives on topics

    including stress management, mindfulness, and work-life balance etc.

 ● Collaborated with external vendors, experts, and partners to enhance the breadth and quality of

    program offerings.

 ● Utilized data analysis to evaluate program impact, identify trends, and make data-driven

    recommendations for program improvements.


Employee Wellness Strategist | Masterworks Technologies, India | 2014 - 2018

 ● Collaborated with HR and internal teams to develop wellbeing strategies aligning with

   organizational goals.

 ● Led workshops for employees on stress management, mindfulness, and work-life balance,

   resulting in increased employee satisfaction.

 ● Conducted thorough needs assessments and gathered input from employees to inform the

   design of targeted wellbeing initiatives.

 ● Analyzed program metrics to continuously refine wellbeing strategies, achieving a 30%

   improvement in program effectiveness.

 ● Created comprehensive educational materials and resources to support employees' wellbeing


 ● Managed communications and engagement strategies to ensure maximum participation in

   wellbeing initiatives.

 ● Collaborated with external health and wellness organisations to offer additional resources and

   expertise to program participants.

Bay Area Yoga, Meditation Bay Area, Life Coach Bay Area, Bay Area wellness coach, Bay Area wellbeing strategist.


Private/Group Yoga Classes

1:1 Wellness Coaching

1:1 Energy Healing

What Clients are Saying...

"Shilpa has helped me to focus and prioritise both personal life & career. I have been better able to look at problems in different ways, thus finding very meaningful solutions & making previously  overwhelming situations more manageable. I am clear on my goals and means to get there today because of the coaching I received from shilpa"

Jen Chatwin

"I loved my EVERY session with Shilpa. She puts great positive energy - I felt safe, relaxed, & stronger at the same time. The practices she teaches are very effective and the meditation techniques helped me to be in tune with my mind and body. She puts her soul in her work. Very Knowledgable, warm hearted, friendly. I really feel lucky to fin Shilpa as my Mentor. It was truly a transformation program for me."

Savita Suryavamshi

Reez Roycas

Honestly, I had the best experience full of abundance (work-wise & personal) with shilpa's coaching. I always look forward to our next session. Thank you for such wonderful service. You are incredible. 

Jessika Burns

"Your coaching has been a turning point of my life. I'm really grateful to you. I have immense clarity, direction and energy and ease to achieve my goals. I'm really grateful to you. you are an incredible coach, mentor and human being. the help, guidance, insight, time and energy you spent on your clients success is incredible"

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